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Tsingair technology empowers the construction of classroom air environment

Since the implementation of compulsory education in China in 1986, it has a history of 37 years. At present, there are middle school campuses distributed in cities, towns, villages and other places in China to ensure that students of the right age can easily enroll. Since the domestic reform and opening up, the economy has gradually developed, and relevant domestic institutions have continued to improve the construction of campuses in various places, and schools have continued to invest in the construction of standardized campuses. About the campus In recent years, due to the increasing hot weather, many schools in the southern region have installed air conditioners to ensure that students can study in a comfortable temperature environment in summer. In addition to classrooms, campus dormitories in many southern cities will also be equipped with air-conditioning, so that students can sleep comfortably in summer. In addition, schools in plateau areas have gradually installed diffused oxygen in recent years, so that students can study in an environment with appropriate oxygen concentration. As parents continue to pay more attention to their children’s campus environment, more and more parents will also focus on understanding the campus hardware facilities.

According to statistics, there will be 52,900 junior high schools (including 9 vocational junior high schools) nationwide in 2021, an increase of 66 or 0.12% over the previous year. The construction area of ​​school buildings in domestic junior high schools totaled 755.937 million square meters, an increase of 37.5109 million square meters over the previous year. The proportions of schools with facilities and equipment up to the standard are as follows: 95.02% of the schools meet the sports field (gymnasium) area, 97.79% of the schools meet the standard of sports equipment, 97.51% of the schools with up to the standard of music equipment, 97.49% of the schools with up to the standard of art equipment, and 97.49% of the schools with up to the standard of science experiment equipment 97.41% of schools meet the standards.

In 2021, there will be 14,600 regular high schools across the country, an increase of 350 or 2.46% over the previous year. The total construction area of ​​school buildings in ordinary high schools was 643.6211 million square meters, an increase of 43.12 million square meters over the previous year. The percentages of schools with up-to-standard facilities and equipment in ordinary senior high schools are as follows: 93.66% of schools with up-to-standard sports field (gymnasium), 96.00% with up-to-standard sports equipment, 95.19% with up-to-standard music equipment, 95.40% with up-to-standard art equipment, and 95.40% with up-to-standard science experiment equipment. 95.61% of schools are equipped with equipment up to standard.

It can be seen that there are a large number of middle schools in China, and the general class capacity is more than 40 students. The classrooms basically have windows open to allow air circulation, and the air quality is relatively poor because of the large number of people breathing. In particular, students need a high degree of concentration in their studies, and they will feel sleepy and lack of concentration after class and study for a long time. In recent years, some schools in plateau areas have been equipped with large cube diffusers to provide oxygen for all students in the whole school. The air in the plateau area is thin, and students are more likely to feel dizzy and sleepy in a room with a large number of people, and have a series of hypoxic physical conditions.

Installing a diffuser in the classroom can not only maintain the oxygen concentration in the classroom air at a normal level, so that students will not feel dyspnea and chest tightness, but also help to supplement oxygen to the student’s body, refresh the mind and improve learning efficiency. Normally, the oxygen concentration required to maintain human breathing and body functions is 21%. However, in places where there are many people and poor air mobility, the general air oxygen content is only 17%. At this time, people are prone to slight physical discomfort. Students study in an oxygen-enriched environment for a long time, and long-term maintenance can also improve students’ physical fitness.

Therefore, in the future, school classrooms will be equipped with diffusers to increase oxygen, so that students can learn in an oxygen-enriched environment, which can improve students’ learning efficiency and relieve learning pressure. With a large domestic population base, the competitiveness of learning is also naturally great. As the saying goes: “Nowadays, not all reading is a good way out, but most of them have to take more detours if they don’t study.” As the number of domestic undergraduate graduates continues to increase every year, more students will choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination in the future, and it is also necessary to lay a good study foundation and study habits from junior high school.

With the continuous improvement of domestic national policies on campus construction, future campus construction will also pay more attention to the standardized construction of campus classrooms, and gradually implement the required hardware facilities for the standardized construction of campus classrooms in various places. Qingjiang will also actively empower the air environment of the campus classrooms and escort students to study comfortably and efficiently. In the future, more and more new campuses in China will plan classroom air construction hardware equipment during construction.

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