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Welcome to TSINGAIR. Your Best Partner of Oxygen Generator.

Tsingair provides high-quality products and services to more than hundreds of customers around the world.

Tsingair Factory

Here’s why you should regard us as your most potential oxygen concentrator supplier?

TSINGAIR, As one of the leading manufacturer of oxygen generator in China, we have:

Consultancy for Project
The major concern for us is our users and target market; based on our customers’ interest, the behavior of customers and market trends will be expressed and forecasted needs are envisioned for future development.  

Design and Innovation
Our offers are inclined around the appropriate designs, generation of concept and its prototype, feasibility testing, product attribution and engineering and the quality check will be catered before proceeds for the goal of production.

Material Plant
We believe in innovation and new development; we aim to design products and develop our items and materials. We go through the research first to ensure the high-quality production of material or equipment. We choose the material which matches our quality standard and quality assurance. 
Value Addition
TSINGAIR knows the significance of integrating the project’s objectives and stabilizing maximum comfort, energy-efficient artistic choices, and budgets reflections. We believe in offering value-added factors to production facilities and choices.

Benefits from TSINGAIR

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One of Hot product

International clients have been raving about Tsingair’s 2022 new design of a 1.83kg portable oxygen concentrator.Also, the item quality and price of it blows your mind.

2022 new arrivel portable oxygen Concentrator

Ultra-small, 1.83kgs, oxygen purity:93%±3%. 1L/min, 5 flow settings . It’s up to 4.5 hours lasting. Long oxygen time in one charge. 1.5 hours Fast charging, the battery can be fully charged quickly in 1.5 hours. And it’s replaceable and rechargeable.

We are Pound of High Quality

Quality control and assurance is the most dominant department for the manufacturers as it ensures and assesses the quality of the product that has been offered. The QC test through which the product passes and reaches the desired level is as mentioned below:

  • Materials inspection
  • Ageing test
  • Function inspection
  • Package check

Industries We Serve

For 13 years, we have provided high-quality oxygen concentrators and central oxygen generation system on-demand manufacturing service to various fields around the world.







Train Station








Air Port


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