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Tsingair talks about the relationship between pets and oxygen concentrators

The development of the pet industry, due to the promotion of pet lovers has been in step forward, people’s lives are getting better and better, coupled with the emotional needs of the relevant people and pets are closely linked to the constant binding in a piece, thus giving rise to the growing phenomenon of pet-keeping, naturally, around a series of production, sales and services generated by pets and other commercial activities, but also gradually with the face of a new industry in China’s economic arena. Together with the development of domestic and international economic markets, the pet industry at home and abroad has also entered a stage of rapid expansion.

Diversified development of the pet industry, more and more young people choose pets as their spiritual support, or even as a child to raise, such as scientific child-rearing, they also learn to raise pets scientifically, will be a lot of time, energy poured into pets, the primary concern is the pet’s nutrition and health issues, which also promotes the diversified development of the market of pet hospitals, pet food, pet snacks and so on. From the point of view of the current market structure, the pet food market accounts for a relatively large proportion of the pet due to the concept of pet ownership, living environment and other factors, pets will occur large and small health problems, consumer spending on pet health is also increasing, including disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, pet health care and so on.

Today let us together from the rise of the oxygen concentrator to talk about, oxygen concentrator is an important health care trend of people oxygen therapy, that is held in the palm of people’s pets also need to supplement oxygen? What are the differences between oxygen supplementation and oxygen absorption for pets?

With the development of molecular sieve pressure adsorption oxygen technology, oxygen concentrators, which use air as the raw material for physical oxygen production, have almost become the standard equipment in pet hospitals. Compared with bulky oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrator is easy to move, oxygen can be used as and when it is needed, there is no safety hazard of high-pressure canisters, and it eliminates the trouble of changing canisters and inflating gas on a daily basis. It is a multi-purpose machine that meets the needs of animal anesthesia machine oxygen supply, post-operative oxygen supply, ICU oxygen supply, first aid oxygen supply and so on.

From the point of view of the pet hospital premises oxygen: ICU / convalescent warehouse oxygen supply, pet ICU / convalescent warehouse needs to create a comfortable treatment environment for the affected pets, the humidity, humidity, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, etc. have high requirements, encountered in the case of serious patients (such as severe metabolic organ damage, severe pneumonia, severe dehydration, extensive trauma, etc.), may need to be turned on continuously in order to maintain the stability of the internal environment The internal environment can be stabilized by the use of a continuous on/off switch. Therefore, it is necessary to have an oxygen concentrator with long-lasting and stable performance.

Oxygen supply in emergency, in the clinical diagnosis and treatment, we often encounter some emergency cases (such as car accident hemorrhage, shock, acute heart disease, heatstroke, stress, etc.), the need for immediate supplemental oxygen with other treatments in order to play a first aid effect. Because of the uncertainty of the emergency environment, for the oxygen supply speed, concentration, equipment flexibility have the corresponding requirements, a good oxygen concentrator can be competent for this kind of emergencies, to the emergency pets to fight for a point of hope.

Oxygen supply to anesthesia machine, anesthesia machine as a necessary equipment for large-scale surgery, in order to achieve stable anesthesia during the operation, and its matching oxygen supply device is also the most important. Traditional high-pressure oxygen tanks are bulky and not easy to move, and it is inconvenient to make up the gas regularly. However, high-capacity oxygen concentrator can do physical oxygen production, which can be used as and when it is turned on, increasing the stability of anesthesia and ensuring the smooth progress of surgery.

Postoperative oxygen supply, after the successful completion of surgery, the affected pet is still under anesthesia, at this time the respiratory system is still affected by anesthesia. Turn on the oxygen generator oxygen function, continuous and stable supply of fresh oxygen, not only can ensure the smooth breathing of the pet after surgery, increase the oxygen content of the body, accelerate the awakening of anesthesia, and play a certain analgesic effect. It is of great significance to the recovery of postoperative state.

From the family pet oxygen cabin: pet oxygen cabin this innovative product for pets to provide a better breathing environment, let people pay more attention to the physical and mental health of pets. Pet Oxygen Chamber is a kind of oxygen equipment specially designed for pets, aiming to improve the breathing quality of pets, enhance the immunity of pets, and improve the emotional state of pets. This equipment usually adopts air purification technology, which can effectively remove harmful substances in the air, such as bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, etc., thus reducing the chance of pets being exposed to these harmful substances. In addition, oxygen chambers can regulate the humidity and temperature in the air, making pets more comfortable and relaxed.

The use of pet oxygen chambers is especially important for some specific types of pets. For example, large pets such as cats and dogs are prone to upper respiratory illnesses, and oxygen chambers can provide them with clean air to prevent and alleviate these illnesses. Additionally, some pet breeds have longer lifespans, such as turtles, tortoises, lizards, and other reptiles, and they need a better breathing environment to stay healthy. This is where oxygen chambers can come into their own and provide a healthier living environment for these pets.

Pet oxygen chambers are also a combination of technology and health, bringing a better breathing environment and health protection for pets, and escorting their healthy life. ClearSmith Oxygen is committed to the better and more stable and efficient development of oxygen generators.

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