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Single Person Hyperbaric Chambers QJ-YC01-W

Model: QJ-YC01-W

  • The use of air as raw material (according to the PM2.5 test into the cabin air value below 20) does not need any auxiliary materials‚ high technology content‚ low cost;
  • Power source host simple structure‚ reliable quality‚ easy maintenance‚ long service life;
  • The power source host uses oil-free air compressor‚ the cylinder piston material does not contain oily substances‚ and does not add any lubricating oil when working‚ to ensure the high quality of the incoming gas‚ but also to ensure the safety of supporting equipment‚ is an oil-free air compressor specially used for medical and health care equipment under international regulations;
  • The main body is made of ABS material‚ which is beautiful and generous‚ low noise and less vibration;
  • The overall miniaturization of the host‚ there is a pulley under the chassis‚ can be dragged at will;
  • Easy to operate‚ no professional and medical personnel;
  • The cabin body is made of new polymer materials‚ environmental protection‚ safety‚ pressure resistance‚ food grade materials‚Removable‚ easy to transport‚ installation.

Product Specification

Main performance and parameters of the host:

Oxygen concentration (2L/min) 80% -90%, Oxygen partial pressure reaches medical requirement level of 100KPa
Oxygen flow: 5L/Min
Host weight: ≤55KG
Host Dimensions Max: 920*520*500(mm)
Power Power supply : AC220V 50Hz
compressor : 2 units, one for tank filling and one for oxygen production
Compressor flow rate : 90-130L/Min
Compressor power : 280W (oxygen), 400-650W (Air inflation)
Compressor noise : <50dB
Rated total power: 700-950W

Main performance and parameters of the cabin:

Total weight of the cabin : 160KG
Ground load per square meter : 80KG
Outer cabin size : 2230*1210*1430(mm)
Inner cabin size : 1910*930*980(mm)
Cabin noise: ≤ 43dB (A) (When pressurized)
Design pressure : 50Kpa
Using air pressure: 15-40Kpa
Pressure control method : Automatic control.

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Single Person Hyperbaric Chambers QJ-YC01-W