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Kudos to Tsingair's love! Yongding Villagers Donate 120 Oxygen Concentrators to Their Hometowns

On June 3, Yongding township sage enterprise Zhongshan Tsingair Electric Technology Co., Ltd. donated 120 sets of oxygen machines to Yongding District, which was held in the district hospital. District leaders Chen Chang and Wu Wenqin attended. On behalf of the district government, the Clear Craftsman group chairman Li Xianxi awarded a “Clear Craftsman Love Virtue spread mulberry” plaque to the village sage’s good deeds to pay tribute to his support for Yongding health undertakings, and hope that the relevant units’ to properly use this batch of medical equipment, so that they give full play to their role, and further enhance the medical and rescue capacity. The relevant units are expected to utilize the medical equipment properly and give them full play to enhance the medical and rescue capability further.

Medical oxygen concentrator is a medical institution to produce oxygen machine, it can bring the necessary oxygen supply for the patient, can cooperate with the treatment of cardio-cerebral vascular, respiratory system, pneumonia and other diseases, and at the same time play a role in auxiliary treatment of diseases, health care and other roles. “Middle-aged and older people, especially after old age, due to changes in respiratory function, some people will have some obstacles to sleep and breathing, if you add an auxiliary oxygen intake or a ventilator and then oxygen intake, it is very good for people’s health.” Professor Liao Chongxian, a famous cardiovascular surgery expert, doctoral supervisor and expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, who participated in the donation activity, praised, “Tsingair Group donates oxygen machines to the pension and medical institutions in Yongding District, which is a very, very good and compassionate kindness.”

“Yongding is my hometown. 25 years ago, I went out from here to start a business. I am haunted by every blade of grass, every tree, every mountain and every water here.” Li Xianxi, a sage of Hukeng nationality in Yongding District, said, “Today’s donation represents the original intention of my group and I to return home, hoping that our hometown will be more harmonious and beautiful.” According to reports, Li Xianxi founded in Guangdong Tsingair Group, is a collection of research and development, production, sales in one of the intelligent health appliances whole industry chain, modern enterprise, annual output value of 1 billion yuan.

At the scene of the activity, Mr. Xing Zhiping, Assistant Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tsingair Group, representative of the donor, and Mr. Ruan Zhouchang, representative of the recipient, Ruan Zhouchang, Charity Federation of Yongding District, signed the donation agreement. Yongding District will distribute these 120 oxygen machines to some medical and pension organizations as soon as possible to further improve Yongding’s medical and pension services.

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