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Benefits of oxygen for health

Don’t think that oxygen is only for patients or for certain emergencies, there are many benefits of oxygen.
1. Oxygen can help our brain to relax and reduce the overdraft of the brain in a high stress state.
2. In the fast-paced work that is very stressful nowadays, oxygen can help us to relieve the pressure of work, nervousness and bad mood.
3. For the middle-aged and elderly, proper oxygen intake can help them prevent cardiovascular diseases and help them live a long and healthy life.
4. For pregnant women, regular oxygen intake can help the pregnant women’s health become better and help the baby grow better.
5. After strenuous exercise, timely supplemental oxygen can help restore physical strength and can eliminate our fatigue.
6. Oxygen can also assist in the treatment of many diseases, such as: emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, chronic bronchitis and other diseases are caused by severe lack of oxygen, appropriate oxygen can help patients recover sooner.
Tsingair Oxygen Experience Center is officially located in Zhuhai 100% Shopping Center, welcome to experience the oxygen therapy service for free, and experience the benefits of oxygen to you.

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