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Eco-atmospheric micro-pressure spherical multi-cabin

Model: F2020-1

Nasal oxygen concentration :≥90% 

Through the pressurization and oxygenation in the Eco-atmospheric micro-pressure spherical multi-cabin, the human body is under sufficient oxygen and pressure, and sufficient oxygen enters the edge of the human brain to improve neurological insomnia and sleep quality; sufficient oxygen enters the respiratory tract.

Product Specification

Nasal oxygen concentration : ≥90%
Dispersion oxygen concentration in the chamber : ≤25%
Number of users : 1-2 people
Cabin outside dimension: Diameter 3350mm, height 2600mm
Cabin inside dimension : Diameter 3200mm, height 2200mm
Cabin weight: 760kg
Power supply used : AC:220V 50~60Hz or 110V/120V 50~60Hz
Working pressure: 10-35Kpa

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Eco-atmospheric micro-pressure spherical multi-cabin