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Do oxygen generators produce pure oxygen?

Tsingair Model: P30

Oxygen concentration: 2 minutes after the equipment is started, ≥90%
Oxygen flow setting: Pulse setting 1, 2, 3
Flow value(L/min): Setting 1: 210ml/min
Setting 2: 420ml/min
Setting 3: 630ml/min
Oxygen monitoring: Yes

  • 1.28kg only (include battery), backpack carrying
  • 5 hours continuous oxygen supply
  • Oxygen monitoring: Yes
  • One-touch operation
  • Can be used in car
  • Quality filter to clean the air
  • Imported molecular sieve, high efficiency
  • Rechargeable, large capacity battery, easy to replace
  • Wide application for the work at altitude, plateau tourism, mountain climbing, and health care…
  • Warranty period: 1 year

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