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Oxygen Concerntrator Plant (All-in-one)

Oxygen concentration(%):≥90%


  • Fast start-up speed, providing qualified oxygen in 15~30 minutes.
  • The equipment operates automatically and can be unattended in the whole process.
  • Efficient molecular sieve filling, tighter, more solid and longer service life.
  • The pressure, purity and flow are stable and adjustable to meet the different needs of customers.
  • Reasonable structure, advanced process, stability and low energy consumption.
  • It is applicable to community hospitals nursing homes, high-end villas, beauty centers, birth centers and outpatients.

Product Specification

Model: QJ-OX-SI
Oxygen concentration(%): ≥90%
Water content(g/m³): ≤0.07
Carbon dioxide content%(V/V): ≤0.01
Solid material particle size(um): ≤10
Solid matter content(mg/m³): ≤0.5
Oxygen production(mVh): 3-5
Power specification: Ac.380V±10% 50Hz±1Hz
Operating noise(dB(A)): ≤85
Oxygen pressure(Kpa): 350-450
Input power(kVA): 7-11
System area(㎡): 3-6 ㎡
Weight(Kg): 1600 kgs

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Oxygen Concerntrator Plant (All-in-one)