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Hyperbaric Chambrs QJ-200P

1.Adopt brand-new high-end sensor and high-intelligence CPU processor.
2.The circuit adopts multi-layer wiringwhich has stronger anti-interference; high-quality imported quick connectors are selected to ensure smooth airflow.
3.With a large 16-inch high-definition display interfacethe touch interface operation is more simple and clear.
4.The first-class process design and the all-metal shell bring brand-new visual enjoyment.
5.Especially in the vibration reduction,noise reduction and temperature reduction, the latest international scientific research results have been absorbed.
6.This equipment has reliable performance and can provide stable atmospheric
pressure and safe high-concentration oxygenwhich is at the international leading level.

Product Specification

Net weight(KG) 50kgs(110 ibs)
Gross weight(KG) 60kgs (132 ibs)
Product Size Length: 80cm. (31.5in.) Width: 44cm. (17.3in.) High: 48cm. (18.9in.)
Power Power supply : AC220V 50Hz / 110V
Tsingair Health Pa and Accessories:
Net weight(KG) 90kgs(198 ibs)
Gross weight(KG) 110kgs (242 ibs)
Product Size Length: 216cm. (85.0in.) Width: 80cm. (31.5in.) High: 80cm. (31.5in.)
Power Power supply : AC220V 50Hz / 110V

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Hyperbaric Chambrs QJ-200P