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4 person Multi-person seated Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Model: E2020-1

Oxygen concentration : >90% 

  • 1. Adopt brand-new high-end sensor and high-intelligence CPU processor.
  • 2. The circuit adopts multi-layer wiring, which has stronger anti-interference;high-quality imported quick connectors are selected to ensure smooth airflow.
  • 3. With a large 16-inch high-definition display interface, the touch interface operation is more simple and clear.
  • 4. The first-class process design and the all-metal she’ll bring brand-new visual enjoyment.
  • 5. Especially in the vibration reduction, noise reduction and temperature reduction, the latest international scientific research results have been absorbed.
  • 6. This equipment has reliable performance and can provide stable atmospheric pressure and safe high-concentration oxygen , which is at the international leading level.

Product Specification

Oxygen concentration : ≥90%
Dispersion oxygen in the chamber : ≤25%
Number of users: 4 persons
Cabin outside dimensions : Length 2250mm, width 2250mm, height 2500mm
Cabin inside dimension: Length 2100mm, width 2100mm, height 2100mm
Cabin weight: 460kg
Power supply: AC:220V 50~60Hz or 110V/120V 50~60Hz
Working pressure: 10-35Kpa

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4 person Multi-person seated Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers